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Divorce is a complex issue with many contributing factors, one of which may involve the type of job of spouses. 

The influence of one’s profession on the likelihood of divorce is a topic that often goes unnoticed. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the divorce rate in the United States is 2.9 per 1,000 people

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which jobs have the highest divorce rates

Jobs with the Highest Divorce Rates

Divorce is a complex issue with multiple contributing factors, and occupation can be one of them. Various studies, including research from Radford University, have highlighted professions with notably higher divorce rates. 

  • Bartenders: With an estimated overall divorce rate of 52.7%, bartending tops the list of professions with high divorce rates. The social nature of the job, coupled with irregular hours, is a major factor behind this.
  • Flight Attendants: The divorce rate among flight attendants is approximately 50.5%. Frequent travel and irregular schedules contribute to the challenges faced by individuals in this profession.
  • Gaming Managers: Involved in the operation and organization of gambling facilities, gaming managers face a divorce rate of around 50.3%. The high-stress nature of the job and the environment can contribute to marital strain.
  • Rolling Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders: These industrial workers face a divorce rate of about 50.1%. The physically demanding nature of the job, along with long hours, can put a strain on relationships.
  • Switchboard Operators: With a divorce rate of 49.7%, the repetitive and isolating nature of the job can lead to a sense of emotional detachment, impacting marital relationships.

While the Arizona Revised Statute §25-903 does not indicate occupation as a specific ground for divorce, the pressures and lifestyle choices associated with these high-divorce-rate professions can contribute to marital breakdowns. For example, continuous stress or lack of time for familial obligations can lead to what the law describes as the “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage, a legal ground for divorce in Arizona.

Understanding Irretrievable Breakdown in Arizona Divorce Cases

The term irretrievable breakdown is an important legal concept regarding divorce cases in Arizona. As per Arizona Revised Statute §25-903, an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage is one of the primary grounds for divorce. This means that the marital relationship has deteriorated to such an extent that reconciliation is impossible.

  • Definition: An “irretrievable breakdown” signifies that the marriage has fallen apart beyond repair, and there’s no reasonable expectation of reconciliation between the parties involved.
  • Legal Requirements: To prove irretrievable breakdown, it’s generally not necessary to pinpoint specific wrongdoings by either spouse. The focus is on the overall state of the marital relationship.
  • Occupational Stress and Breakdown: Some professions, especially those with high stress or irregular hours, may contribute to the factors leading to an irretrievable breakdown, although occupation itself is not listed as a legal ground for divorce.
  • Role of the Court: Once an irretrievable breakdown is established, the court has the authority to decree a divorce, even if one party disagrees with the divorce or the characterization of the marriage as irretrievably broken.

Understanding the concept of irretrievable breakdown can help you evaluate whether your marriage has reached this point and your legal options. If you’re facing this challenging situation, you should consult an experienced family law attorney for specialized advice.

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why stressful jobs have higher divorce rates

Stressful Jobs and High Divorce Rates

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but certain professions have stress levels that can seriously strain marital relationships. The impact of work-related stress on marriage can be substantial, affecting communication, emotional intimacy, and overall relationship satisfaction. Below, we’ll discuss two major categories of stress-inducing jobs and their links to higher divorce rates.

 Shift Work and Its Impact on Marital Stability

Shift work, commonly found in healthcare, law enforcement, and manufacturing, often entails irregular hours and long periods away from home. This can make it difficult for couples to spend quality time together, manage household responsibilities, and maintain emotional connections. The disruption to normal daily routines can lead to increased misunderstandings, stress, and, ultimately, a higher likelihood of divorce.

High-Stakes Professions and Relationship Stress

Jobs that carry a lot of responsibility, such as corporate executives, medical professionals, and legal practitioners, also come with high stress. The long hours, demanding clients, and the weight of decision-making can take a toll on these professionals and their spouses. Over time, the accumulation of work-related stress can create emotional distance, making marital issues harder to resolve, thus contributing to higher divorce rates.

According to various studies, including those based on U.S. Census data, stressful jobs like these have shown to be strongly correlated with higher rates of divorce. For instance, healthcare professionals face an estimated divorce rate of 20% to 31%, while corporate executives have rates that hover around 20%. 

Job Satisfaction and Marital Dissatisfaction

While not always immediately obvious, job satisfaction can influence marital health. Occupations with low job satisfaction can contribute to general unhappiness, which can, in turn, affect a marriage. Highly stressful, monotonous, or unfulfilling roles can lead to a negative mood affecting the home environment.

For example, retail workers often experience low job satisfaction due to low pay, lack of benefits, and long hours on their feet.

This dissatisfaction can exacerbate existing marital tensions, as one spouse may feel overwhelmed by both work and home life. Similarly, customer service roles often require employees to handle complaints and manage conflicts, which can be emotionally draining.

Bringing this emotional toll into the home environment can lead to increased arguments and diminished emotional support between spouses.

It’s worth noting that while Arizona Revised Statute §25-903 doesn’t list job dissatisfaction as a ground for divorce, ongoing emotional and psychological strain can contribute to a breakdown in marital relations. Emotional neglect or sustained unhappiness could contribute to a decision to get divorced.

first responders and an increased divorce rate

First Responder Professions and Divorce

First responders such as police officers, firefighters, and paramedics face unique stressors that can significantly impact their personal lives, including their marriages.

According to statistics, police officers have a divorce rate of approximately 14-15%, while firefighters have a slightly higher rate of around 18-21%.

Firefighters, for instance, work in shifts and can be away from home for extended periods, especially during fire seasons or emergencies. The physical and emotional exhaustion that comes with this demanding job can adversely affect a marriage, reducing quality time spent with a spouse and family.

Paramedics and EMTs face similar challenges. They work irregular hours and must respond to emergencies that can be traumatic and emotionally draining. The emotional burden can lead to mood swings, stress, and even symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), all of which can strain a marital relationship.

Jobs with the lowest divorce rate

Contrary to high-divorce-rate professions, some jobs demonstrate lower rates of marriages ending. For example, actuaries, a profession heavily reliant on mathematics and statistics, boast a low divorce rate of around 17%. Similarly, clergy members often have divorce rates as low as 19%, reflecting perhaps the community support and value systems within this occupation.

  • Actuaries: Known for their statistical prowess, actuaries experience a remarkably low divorce rate of approximately 17%, possibly due to job stability and work-life balance.
  • Clergy Members: With a divorce rate of about 19%, the spiritual and community support within this profession may contribute to marital stability.
  • Optometrists: This eye-care profession also sees a lower rate of divorce, estimated at around 20.8%.
  • Physical Therapists: With a divorce rate of about 21.7%, the rewarding nature of the work and regular working hours could be factors in marital stability.

Common characteristics among these professions include satisfying work, balanced work-life schedules, and strong support systems—factors that can enhance marital longevity.

how to avoid divorce due to your spouse's profession

Avoiding Divorce If You or Your Spouse Works in These Professions

If you or your spouse work in a profession known for higher divorce rates, there are proactive steps that can be taken to safeguard your marriage. The challenges that come with these jobs don’t necessarily have to dictate the fate of your marital relationship.

  • Open Communication: Maintain open lines of communication with your spouse. Transparency about the stress and demands of the job can help both partners understand what they’re up against.
  • Seek Professional Help: Given the pressures of certain professions, couples therapy can be extremely beneficial. A trained therapist can provide coping strategies tailored to your specific challenges.
  • Work-Life Balance: Strive for a balanced work-life environment. This could mean taking advantage of flexible work schedules or planning regular quality time together.
  • Legal Advice: Before things reach a point of “irretrievable breakdown,” as specified in Arizona Revised Statute §25-903, consulting a family law attorney can provide you with options and preventive measures.

While these suggestions are not a guarantee against divorce, they can fortify your marriage against some of the challenges that come with stress-prone professions. Taking preventive steps and prioritizing your marriage’s health can make a significant difference in its longevity.

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