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Having a financial expert actively involved in the child support determination process substantially benefits custodial and non-custodial parents. For custodial parents, it assures that the support payments received are adequate to meet the child’s financial needs.

 Meanwhile, for non-custodial parents, it provides a clear, unbiased evaluation of their financial status, which helps prevent disputes regarding support payment amounts. Whether you find yourself in the role of a custodial or non-custodial parent, a financial expert in the child support process ensures fairness and alignment with the child’s requirements.

In cases involving financial experts, the role of an attorney from the Law Offices of Daniel Hutto can help safeguard your rights and interests. Our experienced family law attorneys serve as your advocates and guides throughout the child support determination process, ensuring that the involvement of financial experts is utilized to your advantage.

how does child support work in arizona

How Does Child Support Work in Arizona?

Child support ensures that children’s financial needs are met following a divorce or separation. Understanding how child support works in Arizona is crucial for both parents involved.

Here are the key points:

  • Child Support Guidelines: Child support calculations in Arizona are primarily based on the Arizona Child Support Guidelines, outlined in Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) § 25-320. These guidelines take into account factors such as the parent’s income, parenting time, and the number of children needing support.
  • Income Determination: The income of both parents is a significant factor in child support calculations. (A.R.S.) § 25-320.provides detailed information on what constitutes income for child support purposes. This includes wages, self-employment income, and various other sources.
  • Parenting Time: The amount of time each parent spends with the child, known as parenting time, also influences child support. (A.R.S.) § 25-320. outlines how parenting time adjustments are made to child support calculations.
  • Child Support Enforcement: Arizona has strict enforcement mechanisms in place to ensure that child support orders are followed. Failure to pay child support can lead to consequences such as wage garnishment, license suspension, and even contempt of court charges.

How are Financial Experts Used in Calculating Child Support? 

A financial expert, often referred to as a forensic accountant or financial analyst, is a professional with specialized knowledge in financial matters. They are instrumental in child support cases, particularly when complex financial situations necessitate a thorough examination of income, assets, and expenses.

Here’s a detailed look at the role of a financial expert:

  • Income Analysis: Financial experts thoroughly examine a parent’s income, including sources like self-employment, rentals, and investments, ensuring no income is overlooked when calculating child support, in line with (A.R.S.) § 25-320..
  • Imputing Income: In cases of suspected underreporting or voluntary unemployment, experts assign a reasonable income based on qualifications and work history to ensure fairness in child support, following (A.R.S.) § 25-320..
  • Asset Valuation: Experts assess asset values (real estate, investments, etc.) for child support calculations and property distribution in divorce.
  • Standard of Living Assessment: Experts evaluate the established standard of living, considering expenses, to maintain it for the child post-divorce.
  • Special Expenses: Experts factor in costs like education, extracurricular activities, and healthcare when determining child support.
  • Guidelines Deviation Analysis: Experts identify cases where deviation from guidelines, like for high-income earners or shared custody, is necessary to maintain equitable child support orders.

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how do financial experts determine child support

When Should I Consider Hiring a Financial Expert for Child Support Matters?

Hiring a financial expert for child support cases can be wise in various circumstances.

Firstly, when one parent’s income is derived from multiple sourceslike regular employment, self-employment, rental properties, or investments.

It can become challenging to accurately assess their total income for child support calculations. In such cases, a financial expert’s expertise ensures that all income streams are considered, aligning with the guidelines set forth in Arizona law (A.R.S.) § 25-320.

Secondly, if you suspect that the other parent might be concealing income or intentionally choosing lower-paying employment than their qualifications allow.

 A financial expert can conduct a thorough investigation. They will then impute a reasonable income based on qualifications and work history, ensuring that child support remains fair and just.

Moreover, in cases where one parent possesses substantial assets such as real estate holdings or a business, determining the accurate value of these assets is crucial. A financial expert can evaluate these assets, facilitating an equitable contribution to child support.

Furthermore, if your child was accustomed to a particular standard of living before your separation or divorce, a financial expert can help ensure that child support covers the necessary costs to maintain that standard, supporting the child’s well-being.

Lastly, deviations from the standard child support guidelines might be necessary in unique situations, such as shared custody or when one parent is a high-income earner. In these instances, a financial expert can provide valuable guidance to ensure that the child’s best interests are taken into account during the child support determination process. 

In summary, involving a financial expert simplifies the process and helps guarantee that child support is calculated fairly and accurately, prioritizing the child’s welfare.

Can a Financial Expert be Biased Against Me? 

When examining the potential biases that can emerge in child support assessments conducted by financial experts, it’s essential to understand the various forms these biases can take and the impact they can have on your case.

Types of Biases:

  • Confirmation Bias: Experts unconsciously seek information that aligns with their existing beliefs.
  • Cultural or Societal Biases: Influences judgments about lifestyle and spending norms.
  • Gender Bias: May favor one parent based on traditional roles.
  • Procedural Bias: Biases in the methods used for assessment.
  • Bias from Prior Professional Relationships: Biases arising from prior associations.
  • Biases from Financial Incentives: Can occur when financial interests are involved.
  • Personal Factors: Political, religious beliefs, and social or economic background may impact objectivity.

Impact on Your Case:

  • Biased assessments can lead to unfair or inaccurate child support orders.
  • Unjust distribution of financial responsibilities may occur.
  • Gender or cultural biases may result in inequitable outcomes.
  • Addressing bias is crucial to ensure objective and factual assessments.

Legal Remedies Available:

  • Requesting a new assessment by an impartial expert.
  • Challenging the validity of the existing assessment.
  • Seeking a modification of the child support order based on bias.
  • Attorneys and judges play a crucial role in identifying and addressing bias.
  • Legal remedies ensure fairness and impartiality throughout the child support determination process.

For further guidance on addressing bias in child support assessments, reach out to the Law Offices of Daniel Hutto at 602-833-0986.

modifying a child support order

Can Child Support Orders Be Modified in Arizona?

In Arizona, child support orders are not set in stone and can be modified under certain circumstances. These modifications are essential to ensure that child support orders remain fair and reflective of the current financial situation and the best interests of the child.

 Common reason for seeking a modification is a significant change in either parent’s financial circumstances, such as a job loss, change in income, or substantial increase in expenses related to the child.

Under Arizona law, specifically A.R.S. § 25-503, these substantial and continuing changes can serve as grounds for requesting a modification.

Another scenario where modification might be sought is when there’s been a significant alteration in the parenting time arrangement.

For instance, if one parent now spends significantly more or less time with the child than initially outlined in the original child support order, this can warrant a modification to ensure that child support accurately reflects the new arrangement.

Additionally, changes in custody arrangements can also impact child support orders.

If there’s been a change in legal decision-making or parenting time, it can lead to a reassessment of child support obligations. It’s important to note that child support modifications must go through the legal process and be approved by the court to be enforceable.

Overall, the ability to modify child support orders in Arizona ensures that these orders remain in line with the child’s current needs and the financial realities of the parents involved. It’s essential to consult with a knowledgeable family law attorney in Arizona who can guide you through the legal process to request or oppose a modification based on your specific circumstances.


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Legal assistance is a crucial asset in child support matters. Attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Hutto, are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need, particularly in cases involving financial experts.

Our expertise in family law allows us to work in tandem with these experts, ensuring that your financial status is accurately represented. We review their recommendations, ensuring they align with legal standards and your child’s best interests.

For comprehensive legal support, including cases involving financial experts, contact us today at 602-833-0986. Together, we can secure a fair and just resolution for your child’s financial well-being.

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