Aggressive Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyers

As a former felony prosecutor for the State of Arizona, criminal defense attorney Daniel Hutto is well versed in criminal allegations from the “other side” and use my prior knowledge in setting up an aggressive defense strategy.

Whether it’s a minor misdemeanor offense or serious felony such as Murder, Aggravated Assault or Drug Sales, our attorneys have the proven knowledge and success to provide you a personalized and aggressive defense.

Our Arizona criminal defense lawyers are experienced in each of the types of criminal charges below.

Theft & Fraud Crimes

Select from Any of the Common Types of Theft & Fraud Crimes Below to Learn More.

Theft / Shoplifting



Check / Credit Card Fraud

Money Laundering

Insurance Fraud / Theft

Extortion “Blackmail”

Bank, Mail, Wire Fraud

White Collar Crimes

Select from Any of the Common Types of White Collar Crimes Below to Learn More.

Fraudulent Schemes

Illegal Control of Enterprise


Computer Tampering

Stollen Identity  / Impersonating

Trafficking Stolen Property

Mortgage Fraud

Property Crimes

Select from Any of the Common Types of Property Crimes Below to Learn More.

Criminal Property Damage

Arson / Wildfire

Criminal Trespassing


Use/Possession of Noxious Substance

Criminal Desecration

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The Importance of a Solid Criminal Defense Attorney On Your Side

Each and every charge of a crime can have everlasting effects. The smallest misdemeanor such as littering all the way up to felony first degree murder can include steep fines, jail or prison time, destroy relationships with family and friends and even prevent s/he from securing employment and a place to live.

Don’t let this happen to you! You Have Rights and We’re Here to Help!